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  1. PrzegapiÅ‚am w tym roku, jak co roku, mirabelki, mam mocne postanowienie poprawy co do rokitnika, w dereÅ„ chyba też mi koÅ‚o nosa przeszedÅ‚… SÅ‚usznie piszesz o miodzie! Tylko mi zawsze – wiem, to glupie – żal. Miód jest dla mnie tak szlachetnym skdmn…ÅÄikie‚, że nie lubiÄ™ go dodawać do wypieków (no, poza piernikiem) ani innych rzeczy. Np. teraz mam cenny słój spadziowego z gór i podjadam go Å‚yżeczkÄ… jak konfiturÄ™ z regaÅ‚u babci ;)SPokojnej nocy…

  2. We’re receiving positive feedback to our site – even with the copy in a draft state – so thank you. You are a pleasure to work with and you can produce a professional site whilst still meeting tight deadlines. We’re keen to start on Phase 2 as soon as we can as planned and we’ll speak to you this week about that…!

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  4. How beautiful! And the Moth-link is great! Since I got your book and started with carving the butterfly stamp I'm busy with digging deeper into this great inspiration source. And the moths I've seen on the site are just incredible.Thanks for sharing all these wonderful things on your blog and also your beautiful book!!

  5. Sadly, she’s already got serious FU money. This is about fame and nothing more. She is a fame whore.There are few things as irksome as someone whose entire “success” is premised on being someone’s brother/sister/wife/husband/whatever, but who acts like they’ve accomplished something great on their own.

  6. Boa tarde!!!! Dia 17/10 fiz o beta e deu 791,9. Positivo. Meu médico pediu a ultrassonografia transvaginal. Fiz o exame dia 27/10, tem saco gestacional, ves. vit., mas não deu para ver o embrião. A ultra acusou de 05 a 06 semanas.Andei pesquisando na net e vi que se o índice do beta aumentar, pode ser um sinal de que a gravidez pode evoluir, caso contrário…Ontem fiz outro beta e deu 4.081.Isso é um bom sinal???Só farei outra ultra dia 10, mas estou muito tensa!!! Me ajudem!!!!!

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  8. In the words of Kate Bush…'Wow, unbelievable'….This had to be one of your best hauls ever – I don't know where to start… the maxi dress and skirt are fab, Lerose is one of my favourite labels and I adore that 50s jacket and the fake fur one too – all of it is amazing.Have a wonderful time together, I'll miss reading your posts, but will look forwards to seeing all those holiday photos and of course, the holiday wardrobe. Take care xxx

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  11. Um, if we know so much about where McChrystal was born, why isn't the place listed in Wikipedia? His birthdate is shown but not place. On the other hand, contrary to your statements, the birth certificate of Obama has been published and imaged online again and again and again and again…. oops now you won't post this comment, will you?

  12. In all fairness to his mileage complaint, I’m pretty sure they’ve changed the rules on how that can be calculated since then. Then again, every notice tends to indicate that those are under ideal conditions and people shouldn’t expect to receive mileage that good. Also, don’t the notices also typically list city and highway mpgs, at least at some point before the paperwork is done?


  14.  » La question est celle de la liberté d’éducation »L’enseignement privé suit exactement le même programme, avec les mêmes enseignants, que l’enseignement public.« C’est même incroyable que cela puisse encore exister quelque part depuis la chute de l’URSS. »Par « quelque part » vous voulez dire, dans la majeure partie des pays développés ?

  15. Mandu est un nom de chat, Kat-Mandu…Pas facile de suivre les déesses, on se les enlève beaucoup.Epona piquée aux gaulois ; Damona, enlevée, libérée… gauloise ou romaine, les sources ou les vaches… « ? ».Avis : « Blogue sérieux, recherche Mythologue fiable et bénévole. S’adresser aux proprios ; le « français correct » n’est pas requis car la maison l’offre ».

  16. CHICAS!Porque en vez de preocuparse tanto por hacer cosas que les guste a ellos o en tratar de encontrar tantos porques, no se preocupan por hacer cosas que les gusten a ustedes. Seguro que así tienen más exito!!Al menos en VIVIR LA VIDABesos

  17. Zuzanna / Zamierzam odchudzać się, a właściwie zrezygnować z niektórych nawyków i wrócić do dawnego stylu. Ze względu na szkołę i masę obowiązków trochę się zani3edbałam. Leneę kupiłam, bo uważam, że zaszkodzić nie zaszkodzi, a może wspomoże (gdyż jest to suplement, a nie coś, co ma być kolejnym szybkim sposobem na schudnięcie).

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  19. I had seen a similar recipe somewhere about an year ago, and I have to agree with you that this makes the BEST dosas, be it the crispy hotel style ones or the soft ones. Aunty is looking lovely in that shot!!!! Will definitely try the coconut-sesame chutney as I’ve never had it before

  20. product hadn't been out for like months and months ahead of time when there was plenty in stock]. I've found it worse in supermarkets, when people are pushing you out of the way to get a certain product, ramming you with their trolleys and then doing the huge sighing when they are in the check out queue. Sad but true x

  21. . I’m appalled sometimes by how many completely blind retards there are who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the shorts, but who view anyone whose opinions deviate from their own moronic beliefs as an idiot.

  22. Antietam is a historically significant battle that gets less attention than other big Civil War battles. I and wrote about it on my blog. Since the battlefield is in a remote area, it has been less impacted by development than many other battlefields like Manassas and remains a great monument to those who died there.

  23. After I initially commented I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on every time a comment is added I receive 4 emails with the same comment. Perhaps there is a way you are able to remove me from that service? Many thanks!

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  25. If he doesn't miss about 700 games fighting over seas, he breaks Babe Ruth's home run record. No doubt in my mind. A little known fact about Teddy ballgame concerning his speed; he is just one of a handful of players to have at least one stolen base in 4 different decades.

  26. If pot releases dopamine where does that leave the person with PD? Can one release what one does not have? Does that make persons with PD less creative? I’m just interested, that’s all.Regarding pot and airline pilots…do you really want a creative flight? How about one you in which you survive with minimum wait lines and your luggage and then we’ll worry about the song and dance.

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  28. Ja, visst är det märkligt Nisse hur Lasse har mage att hänga ut ett varumärke. Men kriti, märk mina ord nu. Saklig kritik är sällan oförtjänt, det är i sin natur att bli granskad och det ska man tåla. Oavsett vilka metoder man använder i sin verksamhet ska man förr eller senare våga stå för dem. Även när det blåser!

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  30. Pensei a mesma coisa que a Claudia: está fazendo mais de 40 graus em vários lugares do Brasil, esse primer ia fazer a maquiagem derreter!! Um horror!! Outra coisa: eu não aguento passar água muito quente no rosto, como vivo no Rio, que é calor o ano todo, eu sempre lavo meu rosto com água na temperatura ambiente.

  31. Maybe I’m in the minority of Obama supporters who found it funny and thought it made the right-wing charicature of Obama look as dumb as it is.As for comparing it to McCain …. there is no comparable mass belief in dumbass untruths about McCain. If there was a serious email campaign alledging that McCain had been brainwashed as a Manchurian Candidate by the NVA then I’d laugh at something which mocked that as well.

  32. I’m still really pleased with this work, 7 years later! Also, some of the sounds I made for this were reused in the ambience of the tunnels under the train station in LA Noire. Interesting fact of the day.

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  36. pa,You wrote:You mean evolutionarily, as in less hair, bigger brains, smaller jaws, etc?No, I do not. What’s more, I made it very clear that I do not, in that I explicitly listed the senses in which I mean progress being the accurate description of the human development over time. Those senses are scientific and technological, not biologically evolutionary.If you are unwilling to read even the simple literal words i write, why try to communicate at all? You will have much more fun talking to yourself, as you can ensure that you don’t present yourself with unduly difficult challenge.

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  39. My hubby was always after me about decorating our place. So I when I decided to decorate our bedroom it was a surpise to him. My hubby is 1/4 cherokee and I had given him a indian puzzle for our first anniversary that displays a indian couple and a wolf pup. I had it glued and hanged it up above our bed with a candle sconce on each side of it. Also the pictures in our bedroom are all of us and what we like.

  40. Hi Pastor Ted,You mentioned “We lose our righteousness when we focus on doing things right or wrong.” Can we lose our righteousness, or does a wrong focus cause us to lose the peace that comes with the closeness with Him and the secure awareness that we are loved by Him? I know that nothing seperates me from His love, but does righteousness grow and decrease, dependant, in part, upon my efforts to stay close to Him?

  41. Yo diría que no es tan descabellado. Primero porque las señoras, después de los partos, suelen quedar resentidas en cuanto a la retención de orina. Y los señores, conforme progresa la edad se nos altera la próstata y tampoco tenemos “fuerza” para aguantar la vejiga. (que le pregunten al marido de Carolina de Mónaco). De cualquier modo esta señora es un poquito… guarrilla.

  42. the only reason why you can remember those highlights are because you can throw in your Saints game winning throw and count the highlights on one hand. You Smith apologists have hijacked this forum over the last year and a half and now its time for an end of mediocre QB play. Relax, sit back, enjoy and maybe learn what a real QB looks like.

  43. I think the question on who’s number should retire first is up to how traditional Jerry Buss wants to be. For the Lakers, I believe the rule is that you must be in the Hall of Fame to have your number retired (with the exception of Magic Johnson). This, apparently, is one of the reasons why Michael Cooper’s jersey isn’t up in the rafters. If Jerry Buss keeps in line with this tradition and with Kobe retiring later than Shaq (hopefully), then Shaq will have to wait a long long time if he’s going to have his number retired after Kobe.

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  48. I feel for you Tom, I suffered from a depression when I was 15-16 years old, it was simply because I was the class nerd back then and I remember there were these 4 jocks in class who had nothing better to do all day than bully me and tease me about my shortcomings, but i talked to a therapist for about 6 months or something and it really did wonders. I hope everything works out for you dude!

  49. <<ChcÄ™ przez to powiedzieć, że “proces” dowodu tożsamoÅ›ci zostaÅ‚ ukoÅ„czony>>Co nie przeszkadza Ci używać “liczb”, które tej tożsamoÅ›ci rzekomo nie speÅ‚niajÄ…. Jak to zatem jest? 1+2+3+…+alef0 > alef0*(1+alef0)/2czy może1+2+3+…+alef0 < alef0*(1+alef0)/2bo zakÅ‚adam, że nie mogÄ… być równe.

  50. E du klar over at eg aldri har vært pÃ¥ Hanseatisk museum?? Er virkelig en skam d der… Men "tyskerbryggen" kan en jo aldri bli lei av selv om en bor (utenfor) i byen! Virkelig noe av det vakreste med hele byen dette!

  51. I have lost 82lbs since February on WW, but last week I had another "1st" week starting the new PP! I lost 4.2! I was ecstatic! I have tried EVERY weightloss program (practially!) known to man, and this is the first time I feel guilt free, satisfied, and healthy while losing. I know that this is a once-for-all thing for me. Points plus ROCKS! So thankful for the health-conscious change.

  52. What a good reminder! At times it is easy to forget that what is perceived as negative can act as a foil to reflect the lighter, positive aspects of life. I am so glad you came by. I am enjoying your joint blog and look forward to checking out your individual blog. Take care!

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  54. Hear hear! The bloggers who write all about the good stuff all the time don’t seem to realize that it comes off as fake a lot of the time……. nobody’s life is THAT limited or THAT boring or THAT perfect…… I love reading all your different, un-nichey posts and I feel like I get to know the real “you” when I do.

  55. Economy notwithstanding, it’s a great time to be a tech entrepreneur. We are indeed in the age of dev platform proliferation. All the major players need examples/case studies of hot, thriving startups using their technologies and *not* their competitors. I look for the trend to continue as dev platform providers fight it out for entrepreneurs.

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  58. I used to cry quite often – through adolescence and into early adulthood. Lately, though, I rarely cry. Maybe at a moving passage in a book or scene in a movie, but that’s about it. And I’m okay with that. I’m keenly in touch with my life and not prone to block my emotions. But lately things are just pretty great. Sure, I feel the stresses of every day life, but in general I don’t have reason to cry, and I take that as a good thing.PS – Be sure to get screen shots of ILI today, so you can go back and remember what it used to look like!

  59. Det er et fint jadearmbÃ¥nd, Lone.Kopitasker, er ikke lige mig. Jeg synes selv at det enten skal være den ægte vare, eller ingenting. Men det er jo helt smag og behag. Din kære husbond, kunne dog have fÃ¥et en bøde i lufthavnen, hvis han havde haft en taske med, og den var blevet opdaget. Det er da sjovt at se havfruen, dernede i Kina. Det ser smukt ud med det grønne vand. Noget lidt andet end pÃ¥ Langelinie :-)Ha’ en dejlig dag.

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  61. “La fotografia no le parece una prueba sufiente de peso?”¿La fotografía? ¿Te refieres al remanente de supernova? Porque yo sí lo veo claro, es un remanente, no una enana marrón. La fotografía es completamente verdadera, no sé como algunos veis lo que veis…

  62. Oh, das sieht lecker aus. Um auf Kathis Kommentar oben einzugehen: Ich finde gar nicht, dass die Kostspieligkeit der Knackpunkt ist, sondern leider der ganz unnötige Müll:(Das sieht herrlich lecker aus. Aber ich bin einfach nicht für Einweg Zeugs, ein bisschen kann man ja versuchen darauf zu achten nicht alles wegzuwerfen.Deshalb: Noch leckerer säh es in Omis Porzellanschüssel aus. Und besser schmeckt es auch! Mit Sicherheit!:)Alles Gute und viele GrüßeLena

  63. I may well live to regret the recent purchase of my One X+. A part of my wishes this European version to be as crippled as the Droid DNA, with it’s sub-par battery and lowly 16GB without SD Card support.

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  66. Thanks for the post. Yes my wife and I have done 3 nights total. On average, overpaid about $60/night for the points compared to what we would typically have paid for these already scheduled hotel nights. We netted > 160k points (they post within 3-4 days) and already booked 3 nights at the radisson blu st martin during december holidays (~500 euro per night).

  67. Mary, we had a St. Patrick's Day Feast last night with 10 around the table. I made your Wholemeal Irish Soda Bread and your Spotted Dog. They were a most appreciated addition to the corned beef and veggies (our British/Canadian friends add the odd brussel sprouts and rutabagas). It was all wonderful. I also made your Irish Caraway Crisps to take to a bridge party. Such a unique cookie. Thanks for all the great recipes.

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