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  2. I love the Olympics. We actually got cable JUST for the Olympics. (We did it for the last winter Olympics as well.) I’ll get it turned back off again this week, because cable is generally evil and I have no patience for commercials. I haven’t been working much, so I can easily say I have never watched so much TV as I did these last two weeks. I love watching it all — it’s so inspiring and motivating.

  3. fiorenza · martedì, 13 novembre 2012, 4:14 pmHo visto che sul loro sito hanno scelto Paolo Barnard come guru ispiratore, sarà contento: chi semina odio…Comunque la cosa non mi preoccupa, i livorosi avranno un sito in più in cui vomitare.Borghezio ha già aderito? E il suo amico e sostenitore Salvini? Beh finchè non spuntano le cadreghe, credo che per il momento che i nazisti verdi se ne staranno tranquilli.

  4. Other relationships exist between medical centers and vendors. I draw your attention to the Aug. 8, WSJ article Cleveland Clinic Defends Gift From a Vendor. While I am sure the Cleveland Clinic finds no issues with receiving $100,000 per year from a vendor as a research gift it does not pass my smell test.Steve Lucas

  5. What we are witnessing right now is yet another chnge/evolution is how race is used in America. Please read David R. Roediger's "How Race Survived U.S. History." Despite all of nation's lofty rhetoric, very real blood-letting, and legal declarations, racism continues because it serves a purpose no matter what era we live in.As for self and mine, I have a plan of action: I am getting a firearm (legally of course) and passports (Canada is 3 hours drive). All us so-called minorities need to be prepared to defend ourselves at all times.

  6. Marsha R. West June 10, 2010 at 9:24 pm Love the title of your second book, Angi and very excited for you. Great post. I can't imagine doing the three tasks at once. Working on the new ms while editing the last is a good juggling act, and I've been managing that. But adding that third? Guess I need to start saying “no” to a lot more other things. Thanks for the insight.

  7. As I'm writing this you have 303 bloggy pack members! (That should make you smile!) Maybe you should do something really cool for #333 whoever that lucky person may be.Thanks for accepting my award! You are truly an inspiration to so many of us. Loved your list and I can totally relate to #6. My pregnancies (and deliveries) were night and day different. By the way, the fist bump is out. It's high five all the way!!! (Loved the video!)

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  9. pastel pink,blue and green are you best options in that order. Pastel yellow, and white will also go well with that just make sure that if you do wear a white shirt that you wear a tank top underneath so *nothing* shows through the shirt( they can be see through). -2

  10. Sounds like these kind of show/auctions are not for the novices. There are plenty of sharks surrounding these ponds. I don’t think we need to worry what is fair and what is a conflict of interest with these people. At the end of the day, it is about the quality of names and it’s price. If it is too much don’t buy it. If the auction has good names people will bid.

  11. I like the “range design” because that’s what life is. Zero tolerance is bad for sure.In France it’s been the case since president Chirac after 9/11 against Paris suburbs young people. They would arrest and put them in jail for the 400 blows. They would be put with older and big criminal people (no room), get out after a short period and be worse in the streets, having the feeling that they are definitely lost and criminals now, being models for the youngest brothers and sisters.Well done zero tolerance, well done.

  12. Another truth about night shift – the rollercoaster! Somewhere about 2 am you begin to question why you are awake and everyone else is asleepThen about 3am you question why you chose nursing as your careerBy 4am you are pondering the meaning of life and how you fit into the universeBy 5am, as dawn approaches you seem to now have a hope for the future.And finally, at 6am when light fills the morning sky, you rejoice that soon you too can slumber, and you know that the world is not so bad after all.

  13. OMG THAT IS TO TRUE!! i think its beacuse they want to feel like that hot girl and be all kewl and stuff. so, i totally agree though it kinda makes them look worse. if u dont mind im going to use this as one of my topics of the day!! thx

  14. One of my favorite rifles to shoot is the Carbine, though haven’t had the chance to try one with the paratrooper stock. Stuck a Ultimak base and a red dot sight on; a very good combination.Just to try it out, worked up a load using Sierra 110-grain Varminter HP bullets for it; penetrated four jugs of water completely and was in the bottom of the fifth. The HP didn’t upset at all at that velocity, but the bullet did yaw rather dramatically; I would NOT want to get hit with it.

  15. hola Flor,pues el molde si me lo compraron en unos grandes almacenes. La verdad es que creo que sería muy complicado hacer uno mismo los ojos y la boca, pero todo es intentarlo…gracias por la visita,saludos,Ani.

  16. All that I’m trying to say is that not everything that is copied is plagiarism… and not every word or picture needs to be kept under security. If we get too paranoid about plagiarism, we will probably either stop creating OR stop sharing. Both of which are wrong. Therefore, create fearlessly and share fearlessly… why let fear of plagiarism bog you down?

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  18. WillyjayJust wasted 2 hours of my life on this show. John, you are correct sir. It is a volcanic spire and that’s all. That’s why they didn’t show any pics of it until the very end because if they would have everyone would have changed the channel. If you do any kind of research you find out the whole theory is laughable. What amazes me is that someone at the history channel green lighted this project in the first place.  

  19. Hoi Moniek,Ja natuurlijk wil ik tips! Ik ben voorlopig nog niet te oud om te leren We gaan het zeker proberen!Zet je dan de hond steeds opnieuw in totdat alle dummy’s ook geapporteerd zijn?Groeten aan Rico en veel plezier met het trainen van mama Bente, nu het weer kan

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  21. The Xiang Long apparently uses the Turbojet Wp-14 engine, that is why the range is only 7000km. When it is refitted with a turbofan engine, it's range will be extended. It is almost the same size as the Global Hawk.

  22. JVL,eu não queria estrangeiro ou português, queria bom. E como refere o Leão de Alvalade, com um perfil que se encaixe na nossa cultura.O que me custa é ver que nos outros os nossos parecem sempre ser melhores. Esse é um mal que é nosso e temos de saber aprender com ele.Tudo o resto: o perfil, a postura, a cultura que queremos, está nas nossas mãos.

  23. as long as hairy balls and backs are ok I am in.-John you still want to go for some wine with some real ladies? if so, you gotta get yourself a haircut, no bush…cut above the collar & above the ears. No one armed buzz cuts in the shower look either!!yee! 🙂 SASJJ: Do you remember the NY Post Page Six column where they spied Christopher Hutchins, the Vanity Fair columnist, getting a wax at a midtown salon? …the nickname for the treatment was “The Back, The Crack & The Sack”.

  24. IT WORKS!!!!!!! … IT WORKS!!!!!!! This decompression is saving my life. I have a of a testimony about the DRX9000. I just finished my seventh treatment. Ken, what I have found amazing is, all the fluid that the discs deplete themselves of, stays near the dry discs, once the discs are slightly separated, the natural fluids replenish. A before and after image of your disc-o-gram will prove that. I would never again consider the scalpel. Before my first visit,, I couldn’t walk 50 feet,, I’m walking now.

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  26. I could definitely do with some different thinking around negotiation. I even find using the word ‘negotiation’ is helpful, since sometimes those kind of communication ideas are framed as conflict or assertiveness skills, and for some reason both those (even assertiveness) raise my heart rate! They have a more adversarial sense to me, and that just makes me want to run! I find it inspiring too that someone who comes across as kind and warm as you Tara is also able to negotiate well. Lots of food for thought here! Thank you![]

  27. I love chickens! My grandparents had them and then we did for several years after they passed away. We had the “fancy” black and white speckled ones but I’ve always preferred the orangeish and white coloured ones myself. Chickens are lots of fun and the eggs are delish!

  28. Hm, gikk undikken ned? Hvordan skjære den opp og hvordan ete den?? Hm, ble virkelig nyskjerrig på det! Hehe! Men ja, virkelig artig!! Den andre bildene var jo også flotte da, men syns du skulle tatt bilde av dine stille-ben også da! Hehe! Bare så synd at solen har forsvunnet litt!

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  33. : quand les bureaux de poste offriront le thé, ça sera mieux. Pour la marmelade, on dirait qu’ils l’ont déjà !@ Michel Petit : si l’on avait conservé les hygiaphones, Roselyne Bachelot n’aurait pas été obligée d’acheter 92 millions de doses de vaccin anti grippe A (H1N1) !@ pièce détachée : on se demande pourquoi Besancenot ramène sa fraise…@ Dom A. : merci pour la remarque technique. Quant aux préservatifs, ça devrait venir dans le guichet « emballages et colis ».

  34. Anonymous of 28 April, 3:41 PM -Your last sentence implies an ad hominem fallacy. Whether or not he did have "probity problems," which I don't think is settled, they would not have had an effect on the correctness or applicability of his arguments.

  35. I was with Kaiser Permanente for a while and they had me seeing a different doctor every time I came in (which was almost weekly) that all thought it was endometriosis without having any proof aside from pain and abnormal periods. They put me on hormones to stop my period (which made me very sick), yet, they never recommended any tests. Now there is evidence on the sonogram and the doctor treating me has told me that insurance companies wont pay for these tests unless I’m trying to get pregnant… What you wrote just hit home, I guess.

  36. So funny how I think things continue to shift for me in this department. It takes time and maybe some experience to realize that panic isn’t helpful. And that it’s really not any bigger deal than we make it. Of course it was a relief to hear from the credit card company that no one had gone out and bought a big screen tv – of course they hadn’t – because the wallet was at home, lol! But we didn’t know that part – only the angels knew that part !

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  40. cf:ditto!!!!!!!!i also often wonder when obama nazis will awakenwhat will be their collective epiphany?i have no idea when…but i do find peace in knowing that even they will be FORCED to awaken someday….even if they only do so just mere moments before they perish/are evicted/jobless/homeless/imprisoned etc…shame how long it is taking!even as obama bothers less to don a mask/feign at being clandestine with escalting gwb's agenda each day…

  41. Thanks for including an article from Byteful.com in your carnival, Ari. I’m sorry to see the carnival go, but I’m glad you ended it with a bang. Really great list of articles here.Best of luck on you journey. byteful traveller´s last blog post.. Reply:December 15th, 2008 at 8:42 amHello,Thanks for your submission! Best of luck with your blog. ari

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  43. “act with prudence and respect the framework of local laws.”notice his cowardness i regards to our FEDERAL LAWS……americans are truely seeing the source of these peoples lack of character when it is clearly demonstrated by its leaders. +7Was this answer helpful?

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  45. Loud Suits save lives.Too bad all the POS 2-wheeled monstrosities (it takes more than 2 wheels for a vehicle to be called a motorcycle so I won’t call them that) can’t be rounded up and given the Buell Blast treatment.Orange County Cubed Bikes would be proof there was a god -just canceling this show only shows that people are finally getting sick of the stupid chopper harley-FAG crap.

  46. You know at one time this story would have made national news, engendered calls for an IG and Congressional investigations. Today, not so. I’ll send it to my Congressional reps asking what can be done about this. It may take a while for a response. It seems that one may want to take away my/our future Social Security and Medicare benefits. It’s sad and comical that our elected reps, along with millionaires and billionaires are dictating solutions to problems they’ve created.One of my favorite authors is Dickens. I never thought that one day I might be living it.

  47. Geffrey Britain"So Israel's new doctrine must also include the proviso that any embargo and/or blockade of Israel by the West or UN will result in the nuclear destruction of the Saudi and Iranian oil fields and the blocking of the Strait of Hormuz."Makes perfect sense. If only, You're assuming that the USA would sit by whilst all this is going on and let Israel take the Saudi and Iranian oil fields? I think it's more likely, that the USA would act against Israel first and if after, would finish off that the mullahs started.Free our hands!

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  52. Hey Laina–Absolutely! The Bees Kneeski uses a honey syrup rather than a simple syrup, which can be used for the other recipes as well. Just follow a 1-to-1 ratio (i.e. 1 Tbsp honey to 1 Tbsp hot water) and you’ll have a delicious syrup! Feel free to be creative and try agave! I’ve never tried date sugar, but I’d love to hear how it goes.

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  56. should be run off the bench by the people. remember we out number these fools by millions its time to flex our freedom muscle. why is that judge in Florida being allowed to enter the court house? he should of been run off the bench the very next day. we can and must put a stop to this treason being pulled on us daily. it must end now America!ron veteran patriot!

  57. grazie delle precisazioni.andremo arrosto?so che hai dei dubbi ma non troppi, io penso che il clima del futuro non si possa conoscere ma escludo che la tabellina di Hansen sia corretta sia nei riscaldanti sia nei raffreddanti

  58. unto him: Tell us plainly who thou art, and from whence thou comest?” compared to 4QEnoch Giants 1:20: “And they summoned MHWY and he came to them: And they asked him and sent him to Enoch.”, there is probably a lot more that actual scholars have looked at I would check the maxwell institute for scholarly articles.

  59. What a sorry fucking excuse for a man. There’s a perfectly good reason you drench everything you eat in ‘sauces” of whatever description: you’re an ill-bred Russian peasant, that’s why. Fuck off back to your ghetto, Arthur “Can I have ketchup with my chateaubriand” Kadyshes.

  60. Nice… I enjoyed the interview. Spades truly was often hired by us in the past, and he did good work. Can’t say I was inactive, though, until the fall of Hyperion – the nature of the position I held necessitates most time to be spent out of game hopping vent servers. Very little time to log in. I will, however, see you all in DF UW.

  61. Greetings, Sammie – I glad you like Golgi’s current look – we do too. BUT wait until you see the NEW look! I also think you’ll be as equally pleased with Restore – available soon! Thanks for sharing – I appreciate it. Best, Rita

  62. Dette var noe for denne fruen! Vi har jo en hel kjeller viet Star Wars, med giga-Darth Vader pÃ¥ veggen i kjellerstuen (denne fruen setter nemlig stor pris pÃ¥ mystiske menn i sorte kapper. Det er nok den iboende fascinasjonen for den sÃ¥kalte Byronic Hero – a mysterious man with a dark past – som spiller inn her.)SÃ¥ nÃ¥ skal det jammen meg klippes her!Elsker forresten det bildet ditt av Stormtrooper som strikker og ønsker meg det dypt og inderlig.Klem!

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  66. Wow!! I absolutely LOVE your work. You are definitely one of my favorite photographers! How you tell these stories through photographs is {beautiful} and {inspiring}! Thank you so much for posting your awesome pictures

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  68. DKL,My point isn’t that the essay isn’t bigoted, but that I doubt he believes what he is writing. His is exploiting bigotry for his own ends, but I don’t know that I would/could claim that he is a bigot from this essay. My guess is that he is even more bigoted than the essay, but I doubt that he is bigoted in the illogical way that the essay is. If #21 and this post don’t make any sense it is because #21 was written while I was up with my sick daughter at 4 am. This one you can chalk up to lack of sleep and trying to defend the previous one.

  69. I’d like to remind anyone who gets this far that all perceptions of gore or beastieism are entirely in the gangrenous minds of the beholdersit’s called the Rabid Rorschach Test, one of those dual images, all sane folk (those mentioned in Leeroy’s dispatches) will be roundly enjoying an everyday tale of good country folkoffie, ‘shtrangers in the nyawatra’is very good, did you hear ‘Newawa Yorkawa, Newawa Yorkawa’?

  70. Anonymous wrote.. Loved it!! I saw the interview yesterday:) You are a true insperation, love your crazy fashion sence. Your fearless, like Lady Gaga! Have you heard about the norwegian fashion brand, Fam Irvoll? I think her design would suit you perfect;)

  71. Cada vez que aparece un gallego diciendo memeces, me escondería bajo la tierra.LLevo ya una larga temporada sin un respiro.Menos mal que me miro al espejo y digo "aguanta, has sobrevivido al peor"…aguantaré.

  72. Estos politicos estan impuestos a romper las leyes y les va a valer madre la onu, me toco ver con la aprobacion de la reforma laboral como se pasaban por el arco del triunfo rompiendo leyes y articulos y los batos se pusieron a votar, valiendoles madre las protestas de los perredistas. y lo mismo van a hacer, lo bueno es q la ONU y demas instancias internacionales se empiezan a dar cuenta de la cloaca q hay en el gobierno mexicano.

  73. gracias….!!!! rojo por tanta alegria, fue epico, unico ,magico, grande rojo, ayer quedo demostrado lo grande que sos ,,,la grandeza la hace tu gente ,tus jugadores,…simplemente gracias rojo, por tanto.,,,,sos el mejor lejos.

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